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WGIC implements its charter of advancing geospatial significance through its committees - the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, Industry/Academia Committee, Partnership and Industry Engagement Committee, Policy Development and Advocacy Committee and Public-Private Partnership Committee (PPP). With effective stakeholder engagement and responsive governance as their bedrock, these committees ensure WGIC remains relevant, and is actively involved in shaping the policy, creating knowledge, expanding network and advocating for the geospatial industry on a global scale.

WGIC invites members to get involved in our committees. Choose a committee that is close to your area of specialization, expertise, passion or business needs. Fill out this form to express your interest.


16 African Nations Report High Readiness for Geospatial PPPs

Africa's involvement in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) has been limited relative to other continents, but that is changing lately. WGIC’s Africa Geospatial Readiness Index ranks 16 African nations as having high PPP readiness with robust geospatial infrastructure and EO capabilities, well-established space agencies, PPP laws and guidelines and improved business and legal environments that support geospatial PPPs. Read the full blog. Download the report.


The power utilities sector is actively engaging in digital transformation, but the approaches vary. The diversity in strategies reflects the fact that digital transformation is not a one-size-fits-all process; organizations may choose different paths based on their customer needs, operational challenges, and business goals. Read the full article and delve deeper into the solutions and services of WGIC member companies to support the digital transformation of utility service providers.


69% of Women Would Have Stayed in Their Jobs if Offered Flexibility: Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly, Co-Founder and CEO of EVONA, a space and geospatial staffing solutions company, prescribes leading with a clear set of values, adopting a diversified hiring approach, and embracing flexibility as essential to attracting and retaining diverse talent. Read on to learn how EVONA, WGIC DEI Trailblazer 2023 Corporate Impact Award winner, is reshaping the industry with innovative DEI approaches. Learn more.

I Won’t Deny it. Fostering DEI in the Workplace is No Easy Task: Olivia Powell

Uncover the often-overlooked challenges of diversity within the geospatial industry, as seen through the lens of Olivia Powell, recipient of the WGIC DEI Trailblazer 2023 Individual Champion Award. Dive deep into her interview to grasp the intricacies and explore pathways to a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future. Learn more.

Leadership Diversity - Debunking Myths, Unveiling Realities

Diversity within an organization is only half the opportunity without diverse leadership. Embracing and celebrating a range of human experiences at all levels in the rapidly evolving geospatial sector is crucial for maximizing and sustaining growth potential. Learn more.


WGIC Participates in COP28

WGIC actively participated in COP28 UAE in Dubai. During the conference, WGIC Executive Director Aaron Addison moderated a panel discussion featuring the Prince Talal International Prize winners of the 2022 Award Ceremony. Drawing upon his insights and experiences, Addison explored avenues for driving sustainable change in SDG8.

In another AGFUND panel titled "Sustainable Finance Solutions for Food Security and Agricultural Resilience in the Face of Climate Change," Addison emphasized the significance of geospatial data for small holder farmers in Africa. Sharing insights from WGIC's GeoAction Africa project with AGFUND, he underscored the need for policies, GeoAI, and data conversion into actionable solutions.

In addition, Addison and Pooja Mahapatra from Fugro, a WGIC member company, engaged in discussions on the theme, "Space-based and in-situ observations for enabling climate action."


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